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world premiere
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Review by anonymous

June 05, 2018 certified reviewer

What I liked

A heartwarming performance by Victoria Elizabeth (playwright and actor) and Claire Buchignani. I loved how it addressed the messiness of cancer and its affect not only on the affected body, but on those around it. I liked how it showcased how we deal with suffering in its different ways, which is very palpable. I liked how Victoria’s character was relatable of trying to go on being positive and outgoing, in the midst of the increasing sickness of her roommate and best friend. And I liked Claire’s “real” talk in pointing out the b.s. when Victoria’s character would try and deflect and avoid the situation entirely.

What I didn't like

I wished director Hannah Harper would have used sound or music during the transitions. The awkward silence of watching the actors quickly change set, or enter/exit could have been easily avoided by simple use of a music track! Not a big deal, just a minor suggestion that absolutely did not take away from the story and performance!

My overall impression

I thought I knew what would happen, but the turn was certainly unexpected and much appreciated. A wonderful conversation about an uncomfortable topic – how to maintain relationships while one is dying, and another is living.

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