dance & physical theatre · cadame co. · Ages 12+ · United States of America

world premiere
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June 08, 2018 certified reviewer

What I liked

Giulia Blandino’s grounded present performance was a pleasure and rooted me in the space.


I LOVED LOOOOOVEDDDDD the everyday activities that were repeated and narrated by others. “Have you ever seen someone tie their shoes, it’s a beautiful dance, turns and sees woman with amazing curly hair “tying her shoes” & realizes IT IS a beautiful dance!! 🤯 such a well directed and excited moment.

“Grey Area” speech & how it was brought back

Sign language bit where communication broke down-yessss

The argument scene also hit home for me and my bf who was with me. Hahaha. We felt personally attacked in all the best ways. Also, for the record, he was a huge fan as well. We spoke about it for hours afterwards!

What I didn't like

I saw the 8th rehearsal, so most of my notes are practical. The movement pieces when everyone was moving separately were gorgeous but once bodies started trying to move together one could see where lack of rehearsal and apprehension set in the actors.

I also would love to see the piano be used rather than listening to a track..could be cool in the next installment? (fingers crossed this comes back)

More clarity on what each character has imbued their hand lights with

My overall impression

It was an experience that left me thinking about all the ways in which I relate with others, others relate to me and how we all relate and interact with the world.

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