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one person show world premiere

BEAN has been chosen for BEST OF FRINGE 2011!

NEW: After a successful Best of Fringe run of BEAN in July, BEAN has one final performance on SUNDAY AUGUST 28th at 7pm!

It’s a big world out there for a little bean.

A girl named Bean tells the story of her so-far meaningless yet holding-out-hope-for-grandeur life in an admittedly awkward, unapologetically silly, and merrily self-deprecating light as she searches to find the dreams and fearlessness she had as a child.

Bean is a 5’2” girl with a slight Napoleon complex, a fear of melted cheese, and an unsightly collection of sparkling dance troupe outfits.

When she was in the first grade she peed in front of an entire class of first graders, but didn’t think anyone noticed. When she was in the second grade she accidentally picked out the Peter Pan Sing-A-Long at the video store instead of the actual Peter Pan movie and to this day despises Sing-A-Longs and refuses to watch Peter Pan. When she was in the forth grade she went to Hawaii, got attacked by a jellyfish, was saved by a beautiful Hawaiian man, and fell in love for the first time. When she was in the fifth grade she lost the school Spelling Bee to the word “Gestapo” and still doesn’t know how to spell it.

When she was in sixth grade someone tricked her into putting peas in her ice cream at a party and she ate the whole thing, just to prove a point. When she was in the seventh grade she started a lint ball collection that grew to a foot in diameter. She lost it and wonders where it went. Many years later, as a Senior in College she got an A+ on her Tap Dance Final, still drunk from the night before, and wearing her shoes on the wrong feet. Fresh faced out of college, her first talent manager told her she would “never work in this town again.” In other news, that talent manager is now a stripper. No word on the lint ball.

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