Meanwhile, Back at the Super Lair

ensemble theatre · the new american theatre · Ages 13+ · United States of America

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June 24, 2018 certified reviewer
tagged as: funny

What I liked

The cast was funny and had great timing. I was glad to see Rhino, a character that is a larger man, not just be portrayed as a loud obnoxious guy with no real emotions. The Human Fly was whiny but also an intelligent and caring person.
Leopard women was sexy but also smart and not taking a backseat to anybody.
Silver Steak was great because he was the most superhuman in his attitude. He was detached from reality and therefore able to be heroically superior.
I found Robert Cicchini much more interesting, and believable, as the henchmen than as the doctor. I loved his sinister, and sustained, maniacal laugh.

What I didn't like

The one character that took me out of the believability of the show was Darrell Simpson. I understand his role in the development of the story but, it felt to me like that character was from a completely different play. He wasn’t funny and the energy was so different that I didn’t feel like he was our window into these freaks lives but rather a barrier.

My overall impression

A real world take on neurotic superherodom.

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