Meanwhile, Back at the Super Lair

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June 15, 2018 original article
tagged as: funny · campy · toilet humor · racism · sexism · Relationships

What I liked

As part of the Hollywood Fringe Festival fare served up at the brand New American Theatre just off of Theatre Row, “Meanwhile, Back at the Super Lair…” plays on superhero lore while touching on some very real dysfunction in contemporary relationships – friends, lovers, flatmates (or all of the above), as well as overpaid therapists, sexism, and racism, and all within Kalleres’ laser target. Superhero is spoken here.

Most notable is Jeff Kongs’ vintage radio show-style for his Silver Streak, and the ubiquitous British Villain – used to proper effect by Brendan Brandt – in an effort to both win back his girlfriend’s attention and create a new motivation for the Team. Robert Cicchini is hysterical in multiple stereotypical parts, all of which employ a little light slapstick, some literal toilet humor, and cartoon-esque physicality. Jaimyon Parker as Simpson is perfect as he toggles between incredulity and resignation over the four ridiculous flatmates until he realizes he is ultimately part of the solution.

What I didn't like

With only some mild pacing issues at the start, the sold-out show’s audience was highly responsive, and this reviewer guffawed to the point of sounding like a shill.

More review at The Los Angeles Beat. (See link)

My overall impression

With the glut of super-serious, superhero films coming out of Marvel and DC Comics these days, it’s shows like “Meanwhile, Back at the Super Lair…,” writtten by Greg Kalleres, that seek to blast through the BS, keep things in check, and speak up with regard to the overlooked, the privileged, the undersaid, and the underpaid.

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