Meanwhile, Back at the Super Lair

ensemble theatre · the new american theatre · Ages 13+ · United States of America

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June 08, 2018 original article
tagged as: #SkipItLA

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Meanwhile Back at the Super Lair has some good one-liners and some witty banter, but as whole it doesn’t have feet to stand on. This play relies on dated stereotypes – there are so many thrown into this show that some characters had to double-up – in lieu of actual character development.

- Beleaguered and harangued shrink? Check!

- Ironically named incompetent bad guys? Check!

- Hard-nosed government employee who is won over by the plucky leads? Check!

- Well-off racist white characters who are unaware they are racist and incapable of learning any better? Check!

- Token black guy to point out the racism so its “socially acceptable” to laugh? Check!

- Angry white guy who turns violent when he loses the girl? Check!

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