Meanwhile, Back at the Super Lair

ensemble theatre · the new american theatre · Ages 13+ · United States of America

Award-winning theatre company The New American Theatre presents this comedy and the Los Angeles premiere by award-winning playwright Greg Kalleres (Honky). In “Meanwhile, Back at the Super Lair,”powerless crimefighters struggle with the meaning of life as they protect a city with no crime. The Human Fly, Silver Streak, Rhino Man and Leopard Woman share a city-funded apartment. But now they’re subjected to the investigations of a mayor-appointed efficiency expert, eviction… and brand new super-villain.

Some roles in Meanwhile, Back at the Super Lair… are double cast.
​Cast names are KAPOW! and BAM!

Ronald Auguste (Darrell Simpson / ZAP! cast)
Brendan Brandt (The Human Fly / ZAP)
Chelsea Brandt (Leopard Woman / KABAM! cast)
Robert Cicchini (Dr. Reynolds ZAP)
Christopher Frontiero (Rhino Man / ZAP! cast)
Jeff Kongs (Silver Streak / ZAP)
Jaimyon Parker (Darrell Simpson / KABAM! cast)
Jade Sealey (Leopard Woman / ZAP! cast)
David Schwartzbaum (Rhino Man / KABAM! cast)

Dennis Jackson (Set Design)
Kathi O’Donohue (Lighting Design)
Nick Pavey, Jeff Kongs,Jeannine Wisnosky Stehlin (Sound Design)
Chelsea Brandt, Kitty Rose (Costume Design)

Produced by Jeannine Wisnosky Stehlin and
​The New American Theatre, a membership company of actors.

The New American Theatre is celebrating their 23rd season in Los Angeles in a brand-new space located in the Heart of Hollywood. The New American Theatre, a membership company (NAT) is a critically-acclaimed, award-winning theatre company dedicated to the production of world class theatre. The non-profit company has enjoyed critical acclaim, awards and nominations from the Los Angeles Times, New York Times, LA Drama Critics Circle, Back Stage, LA Weekly, LA Stage Alliance Ovations, and more. CBS Los Angeles named The New American Theatre as one of the top five 99-seat theatre companies in Los Angeles. NAT is committed to nurturing new and emerging artists who are on their journey through a long-lasting and fruitful career.

Production Team

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