Lights Out in the Hermit’s Cave!

ensemble theatre · self produced · Ages 8+ · United States of America

world premiere
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June 21, 2018 certified reviewer

What I liked

I knew very little about those radio shows but I got the concept immediatly and they kept me engaged throughout. I also like how I feel they engaged all my senses with the different sound effects and the times when the actors were off stage or the back and we were just sharing their voices. It was fun when it was meant to be funny and creepy when it was supposed to be creepy. They handled that balance really well.

What I didn't like

Having said the above, I wish they had a little more lighting when all the actors were all on stage. I suspect that has to do more with the limited lighting available in that room in the venue. It worked for most of it, but there were some parts where more light would have worked better

My overall impression

Lights out in the hermits cave is a fresh take on the vintage days when we got our thrills and scares on the radio. It is the right mix of fun and creepiness to keep you both at the edge of your seats and entertained. I am especially thrilled that this is another woman led project defying conventions!

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