The Rental

ali astin & ben ubiñas · Ages 12+ · United States of America

world premiere
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Review by JEFF LAUB

June 12, 2018
IMPORTANT NOTE: We cannot certify this reviewer attended a performances of this show because no ticket was purchased through this website or the producer has not verified they attended.

What I liked

Ali Astin and Jake Corvino give phenomenal performances; I was really impressed by their emotional range on display. The staging is so simple that the show really lives or dies on the performers, and these two deliver. I also appreciated the tone of the show; it was upfront about sexuality without ever straying into shock territory.

What I didn't like

The setup involving who the woman was expecting to show up at her door was a little confusing; it seems like she was expecting someone else, but at the same time she had the information for the male lead who arrived. This isn’t a crucial plot point, but it could be clarified some.

My overall impression

A touching, thought-provoking show about sex and relationships. The two leads give strong performances that require great emotional honesty.

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