Fantasm - 1001 Nights

dance & physical theatre · bellydance evolution · Ages 2+ · United States of America

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June 10, 2018 certified reviewer
tagged as: dance · dance theatre

What I liked

costumes and use of colors in costumes and props served the purpose of focusing audience attention on the action and reactions taking place in different scenes, i.e. juxtaposing lyrical and egyptian style choreography against the more angular feel of tribal style belly dance choreography. the men in this dance theatre performed very well in unrelated roles. One dancer appeared to have a Georgian background in his dance style as well as ballet based movements. The other dancer appeared to have polynesian dance training, and also used gymnastic movements. a male and female pas de deux incorporating strong ballet movements and lifts was quite lovely…

What I didn't like

one scene with folkloric dancers (one was in a milaya lef type costume) was well choreographed but did not appear to be part of the Sinbad story. if it was intended to be a continuation of Scheherazade’s stories I felt confused about it.

My overall impression

a well polished pastiche of dance styles, mainly in the belly dance genre. the changes from scene to scene were seamless and props were used to advantage for several transitions, i.e. the shipwreck of Sinbad. the belly dance ranged from lyrical Egyptian to tribal style and some folkloric dance. certain scenes relied on a strong ballet base, i.e. the pas de deux with a male and female dancer.

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