With My Eyes Shut

cruthaigh productions · Ages 12+ · United States of America

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MATT MORILLO certified reviewer June 15, 2018
A very sweet and touching piece about two people desperately trying to connect. Wonderfully written, directed and acted. I recommend highly!... full review
SHARI BARRETT certified reviewer June 16, 2018
Directed by Tara Donovan with skill, passion and great insight into the many components of those on the autism spectrum, this West Coast premiere of Kira Rockwell's three-person play WITH MY EYES WIDE SHUT will open your eyes to the ways in which others see the world and react to it. The two lead characters, Cole (Craig Shields) and Naomi (Esther Mira, a highly artistic choreographer whose lovely dances are set to the color moods of her character), both have behavior issues. He is a musical prodigy whose skill with instruments leads his life while her obsession with color leads her into a life surrounded by "blue" to calm her down. ... full review
DAVID MAYES certified reviewer June 21, 2018
This show is wonderful. It’s beautiful and sweet and inspiring all in equal parts. The direction is taught, the performances are dead solid perfect and the lighting is well tailored to the story being told without lacking or being distracting. Five ⭐️. ... full review
CURTIS KRICK certified reviewer June 18, 2018
I don't really know anything about Autism or Asperger's or being on the spectrum, but I feel like tonight's show tried to help me bridge the gap between my ignorance and those experiences. It's an intelligently constructed play, utilizing the meta-theatrical parameters of performance itself to lead me step by step toward the inevitable breakdown where I'm the one who's different, I finally feel like I can't interpret the social cues correctly. Ultimately that's because of Olivia Schlueter-Corey's gap filling performance as a theater technician suddenly called upon to improvise in a well written scene beautifully performed. But everyone in the play is super talented. I bet Craig Shields can play every musical instrument. Esther Mira is a ... full review
PERRY SHIELDS certified reviewer June 18, 2018
tagged as: unique · phenomenal
An amazing show, unique and not to be missed.... full review
ANN CONGLETON certified reviewer June 18, 2018
Finding love despite autism is the achievement of this superb and lovable and beautifully performed play about two millennials who meet in what appears to be clown school. As they work at oppressive exercises about social clues to feelings, clues that autism makes elusive, they figure out that sharing their gifts (music and dance respectively) is the real way to escape their limitations. They even manage to expand the horizons of their initially obtuse trainer, engagingly played by Olivia Schlueter-Corey. The wonderful actors who portray the couple, percussionist Craig Shields and dancer/choreographer Esther Mira, and their excellent director/producer Tara Donavan have done their homework carefully, and they skillfully bring their audience... full review
BROOKS DUNN certified reviewer June 18, 2018
A sweet, concise romantic comedy that is cast perfectly and well acted. I happily recommend it.... full review
VICTOR ISAAC certified reviewer June 20, 2018
tagged as: touching · Sincerely · heartfelt
Delightful, warm, and heartfelt performance of touching and well written script. There are moments of subtlety from this show that have stayed with me and make me smile. ... full review
JOSEPH KIBLER certified reviewer June 21, 2018
The show was a wonderful depiction of the struggle of autism. It was beautifully performed and written. I’m so impressed by the entire cast/crew and could not say enough. A terrific night of theatre. ... full review
ANONYMOUS certified reviewer June 03, 2018
Very clever. A show that can be watched and appreciated by all ages. Walked away learning a lot. The actors fully committed to their roles forcing the audience to examine ourselves in the process... full review