Hercules Insane

ensemble theatre · the school of night · Ages 16+ · United States of America

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June 18, 2018 certified reviewer
tagged as: classical · drama · fight choreography · dance

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Anyone who has ever wondered why the ancient Greeks and Romans flocked to the theatre or where modern theatre comes from should take themselves immediately to see Hercules Insane by the Roman author Seneca. Christopher Johnson, the translator and director, introduces the performance with a brilliant and mesmerizing curtain speech. Likewise, anyone interested in the women’s movement will treasure the critique of Zeus’s philandering ways by none other than Juno, queen of the gods, whose fury is unforgettably presented by the outstanding actor Dawn Alden! And pity poor, tragic Hercules portrayed wonderfully by Jason Britt, who becomes the unwitting instrument of Juno’s rage by destroying his own family. The folly of his machismo and that of the crude power seeker Lycus is subtly shown by the fact that they do not share in the strikingly beautiful dancing imaginatively choreographed by Esther Mira and beautifully performed by Tiffany Cole and other cast members. The other splendid choreography is the fight choreography by Jen Albert who also produced this extraordinary show.

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