Drunk Bible Stories

southern heathens · Ages 18+ · United States of America

world premiere
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Review by ROSS BURAN

June 19, 2018 certified reviewer

What I liked

I liked the back and forth and the patter amongst the comedian hosts. They clearly have a strong relationship between them that allowed the humor to go anywhere, from taboo to friendly jabs at one another. Their confidence was a relaxing presence that showed me that we are in good hands, so let’s have a drink and have some fun!

What I didn't like

Obviously, the charm is born from its chaos and the title tells you everything you can come to expect from the show, but I did find myself wishing there was just a little more structure to the presentation of it, because the open format of it lent itself to the hosts talking over each other. Which, then lends itself to some of the jokes and witticisms getting lost in the chatter. I only mention this because they announced that they are hoping to do other shows in the same vain and I think it could really help deliver the idea. There’s so many laughs, I’d hate to miss any!

My overall impression

Such a fun night! The three hosts held the stage and carried the show confidently. They found jokes in anything and everything and managed to make it look effortless! From the first moment, they establish a loose and almost “anything goes” atmosphere giving the audience a hint at what kind of show this is going to be and giving them permission to relax and have fun, then it completely delivers on what it promises.

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