Drunk Bible Stories

southern heathens · Ages 18+ · United States of America

world premiere
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June 19, 2018 certified reviewer
tagged as: improv · intoxicating · biblical · holy · Holy Trinity · Drunk

What I liked

I like the fact that the show is different every time because of a few different variations. The wheel was a cool variable, as well as the intoxication, and the Improv of course. It could even be a show without a wheel if they get REALLY good at knowing Bible stories. (Ie. Could ask for someone in the audience with a Biblical name, object, landmark, etc.) Hell, you could get a Catholic to tell some Saint stories (wink wink.)

What I didn't like

I thought each storyteller would tell the story at a time, and I was surprised when three people told one story at once , twice, it was a little difficult to follow when everyone talked over each other. They acknowledged this during the show though and joked about not needing a mic.
Maybe the other storytellers should leave the stage and let one each tell a story, or tap in and out like in a monologue/spotlight? Or each storyteller could become the “expert” in 1/3 of the stories and the other two could let the “expert” lead/defer to them.
However loud and silly, the storytelling portion was very fun so it felt too short. Again, I thought they would tell 3 stories — Granted they were worried about making the stories short enough for the Improv, but my partner said he could have watched more drunk storytelling and so perhaps there is time for 3 stories, one by each storyteller.

My overall impression

Like Drunk History but if the Drunk History also came with a sordid and personal past and familial rituals.
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