If My Voice Were Better I Wouldn't Have to Try So Hard

comedy · killer wingfield · Ages 16+ · United States of America

world premiere
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June 26, 2018 certified reviewer
tagged as: gross · relationship · musician

What I liked

I loved these music-industry tropes like serial-killer musicians and even the over-all plot where an artist needs a muse and so they facilitate a relationship to inspire art. It’s one of those things that people think but don’t say. I’m reminded of this well-known play where this psychology student for her dissertation takes this loser-guy and turns him into a ladies’ man. She essentially proves if you give any man love, he turns into a dog.

What I didn't like

I felt like the acting was great, but the characters were not developed enough. The foundation of the relationship is awkward and I get that, but I still don’t know why he falls in love with her. There’s a few explanations, like “she’s hot,” and I think that’s on the right track, but I want more reasoning, more building up to where he feels that he loves her.

Same with the girl; like is she one of these Band-Aids (groupies) that really just wants talented musicians to write songs about her? And maybe she cunning about doin so. Will we find out that she’s done this before?

My overall impression

‘If My Voice Were Better…’ is gross…in a good way. One of the goals of theatre is to make the audience feel like as if they’re spying upon a scene through a window. The play is able to capture these playful, intimate, and essentially gross interactions that young couples of today participate in. I’m reminded of a Seinfeld episode where George and Elaine are disgusted by Jerry and his girlfriend’s pet name for each other, “Schmoopy!” Yulch.

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