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the bicycats · Ages 10+ · United States of America

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June 09, 2018

What I liked

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My overall impression

OMG this was so fun! Definitely one of the best musicals at Fringe! Well constructed, fun music, expert direction, and fantastic performances! An across-the-board winner. Zachary Bernstein’s lighthearted end of the world musical has a ton of heart, upbeat numbers, relatable characters, and some great twists! The choreography was very fun and some of the staging choices were straight up inspired. While the entire cast nails it, Matthew Bohrer’s seamless onstage change from self-important yacht enthusiast to hardly-self-aware back yard enthusiast was a particular fun moment. Great voices, great acting, great commitment… I’m gonna stop writing now, as I’m getting pedantic. JUST GO SEE THIS!!!!

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