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the bicycats · Ages 10+ · United States of America

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June 09, 2018 certified reviewer
tagged as: charming · hilarious · earnest · fun · GO! · catchy music · talented cast

What I liked

Loved how the band was visible, but could fade into the background depending on the scene, or become a part of it when it served the story— just a really good use of the limitations of Fringe that enhanced the storytelling rather than hindering it, which you see in many musicals where they attempt to conceal the musicians. The cast was very strong— John Bobek was so endearing as the goofy but earnest lead, and has great chemistry with Heather Roberts, who is a perfect match. Dagney Kerr is hilarious and brimming with energy in her multiple roles, and Matthew Bohrer steals the show with his comic timing. I was particularly impressed by how well he’d transform from loser goofball to wealthy a—hole instantly through his embodiment of the characters. I was also humming the tunes after, they’re so silly, fun, and genuinely well written.

What I didn't like

A couple of Mabel’s songs were placed perhaps a little low in her register.

My overall impression

A perfect gem of a musical, filled to the brim with wit, charm, and incredibly catchy tunes. The cast is terrific, as is the band, with strong direction and choreography keeping the show moving and the comedic timing on point. You’ll be smiling ear to ear the entire time. An absolute must see!

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