Sex and the Musical

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world premiere
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Review by PAUL GREEN

June 18, 2018
IMPORTANT NOTE: We cannot certify this reviewer attended a performances of this show because no ticket was purchased through this website or the producer has not verified they attended.

What I liked

I found every song so fun, and amazing the several different genres Laura explored to round out this musical. From En Vogue, to jazz, to cabaret. Each song not only heightened this amazing show, but you never quite knew what genre of music you were going to enjoy.

Each and every actor’s portrayal of their TV counterparts were so unbelievably on point.

There were some incredible vocal performances. Samantha’s confident woman song and not to mention her entire cabaret dance number was so powerful, sexy, and intimidating. She had the entire audience about to explode with sexual energy, just as Samatha’s character would have us do. Charolette’s want song displayed incredible vocal range and power.

Every actor and performer were a minimum QUADRUPLE threat it seemed. Dancing, Singing, Acting AND improvisation.

The cheorgraphy on the cosmo song was so fun to watch.

What I didn't like

The only thing that I wanted was MORE!

My overall impression

This show was so unbelievably entertaining from the moment the lights go down to the final curtain call.

Laura has out down here self with an incredibly witty, creative, hilarious, entertaining spearing of one of the most icon TV shows, Sex and the City.

The individual performances were remarkable. Starting with Sherry Berg portraying Carrie. Sherry’s ability to bring a crowd to stitches with the mere a facial expression, or dramatic pause has got to make her one of the most remarkable comedic talents in Hollywood. Her non-assuming, effortless commitment to every single moment she’s on stage could carry any show, and this show doesn’t need carrying.

The 3 actresses filling in the fearsome foursome delivered such remarkable impressions of the famous girl group. That sweet and innocent Charolette, the serious Miranda and the infamously, overtly sexual Samantha. These actresses ability to parody the real characters, with just enough exaggeration to make it funny, but with enough commitment to true emotion to keep engagement and keep it believable is one of the most remarkable performances I’ve ever seen at a Fringe show.

The male leads in this show, although clearly not meant to be to the focal point, did not disappoint. Balancing at the powerful performances of their female counterparts was no easy task, but all of them were hilarious, charming, and made this show a pure delight.

Although the show or the performers do not take themselves too seriously ,make no mistake the dedication to craft and performance by these actors is no laughing matter. There is tremendous focus, rehearsal and intentionality to make this play seem so brilliantly silly and off the cuff. The actors showed tremendous improvisation ability as there were a few mishaps. A missing cordless phone, and some spilled cosmos, gave this particular audience an opportunity to see the actors off the cuff and off script. Without missing a beat, and staying completely in character we saw Sherry with complete commitment answer her late 90’s model cordless phone, sans the handset, by picking up the entire base, and holding it to her ear, without so much as cracking a smile that this was out of the ordinary.

I saw the show Saturday night, and I’m still laughing, and sitll amazed. Thanks for a great show!

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