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world premiere
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June 02, 2018 certified reviewer

What I liked

The way the actors were seated allowed the main characters to face the audience when they were actually speaking to each other during the interview. At the beginning of the show they announced that glass separated the inmate and his visitor. As an audience member I had the feeling that I was at the prison separated from the shooter by this imaginary glass. The shooter’s intense stare was seemingly directed right at me the entire show.

What I didn't like

The reporter character was dressed in jeans, boots and a loosely fitting tank.

My overall impression

Right from the get go the audience of “glitch” gets a sense of being part of a prison interview with the perpetrator of a mass shooting. The atmosphere of the theatre seems to pull the audience into the mind of the shooter providing a chillingly intimate look at his perspective. Fascinating details about the shooter’s life and rationalization are revealed as the reporter probes for answers. The writer provides the viewer with a high stakes show that is guaranteed to have you questioning what part society may have played in allowing a “glitch” to leave its mark on the world we live in. Definitely a thought provoking, entertaining piece by Rough Riders Theatre.

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