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world premiere
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Review by anonymous

May 31, 2018 certified reviewer

What I liked

An hour-long show with two people and one location has the potential to be a tough watch, but Glitch left no room between the dialogue for the audience to get bored. The subject matter was interesting and well written. Art about mass shootings isn’t hard to find, but Glitch touches on the rehetoric and justification surrounding these incidents without feeling like it’s borrowing too heavily. Overall, I found it very sincere and it gave my friend and I a lot to talk about.

What I didn't like

The journalist and the shooter had a really interesting tension, and some potential to explore that relationship may have been lost in the outward facing staging. However, I also think it was staged intelligently considering the limitations of the premise (two people sitting across from one another).

My overall impression

Good pacing and thought-provoking content

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