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world premiere
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May 31, 2018 certified reviewer
tagged as: dark · current · vital · disturbing

What I liked

The unusual staging convention doesn’t let the audience off the hook. We’re forced to confront a monster in a direct, unflinching way. The approach is bare bones and lets the writing and acting shine. The intimate space suits the piece perfectly. And the subject matter is timely and important.

What I didn't like

One of the two characters is hostile from the beginning of the play. While that’s an understandable human reaction, it made me wonder why she agreed to participate in this encounter at all. I wonder if she would have a greater journey if she started somewhere else emotionally and psychologically?

My overall impression

Glitch is a provocative, in-your-face play addressing vital issues in a thought-provoking and highly theatrical way. With a lean, spare approach that’s perfect for both the script and the Fringe, it’s the kind of edgy, current theater we ought to be seeing more of.

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