White People Drinking

the zoo theatre co. · Ages 21+ · United States of America

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June 12, 2018 certified reviewer

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A really fun theatre experience- a comedy that goes to “uncomfortable” places, making you feel a lot of disdain, pity, judgment, and other things for the characters, but caring about them enough to be engaged. Well acted and well-cast across the board. Sharp writing and solid comedy.

Do people not list gun warnings on shows anymore? Sudden loud gunfire should be listed in the program same as you would list strobe lights, nudity, etc… especially this day and age, but really any day and age.

Ok, look, I really enjoyed this show, but you know how when you want to give something a high grade, like it might get an A, but it has one super-glaring issue so you take off at least a grade, maybe two? I read all the reviews to see if anyone had commented on this, and I doubt anyone will and it might be super unpopular opinion, but this is my whole-hearted opinion- this show is above the title “White People Drinking.” Yes, I fully understand it’s catchy- it might get people in the door, etc, but in my opinion, it’s not fitting for the show, it’s a little borderline offensive— no, my feelings are not hurt and I’m sure we’re all fine— but stay with me here— I was fully willing to overlook the minor offense of the title if the show really earned it- like if it fully came down to race, but the show is really about status and money and privilege – (yes, a lot of that is about white people, but it’s lazy and inaccurate and a waste of a good show to focus on that in the title.) I wonder if any other ideas came up in titling it- maybe Terrible People Drinking doesn’t feel as catchy, but especially because I see such a concerted effort to entertain but to also sneak in some really important conversations, I hate to see that brought down by a title. This show covers so many topics- it feels like it slaps itself in the face by resorting to a catchy title- like the show doesn’t know that it’s about more than calling out “white people” instead of acknowledging the issues of the show are deeper.

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