The Runaway Clone

musicals and operas · the unknown artists · Ages 13+ · United States of America

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June 03, 2018 certified reviewer

What I liked

Good build-up on the mad scientist character – gets more intense as she goes. Kooky brother was great opposition to her. Their arguments were so funny!
News reporter couple also argued funny, but then fizzled out.
Poignant love story nicely played and sung, gave the story some heart.
Funny lady clone in love – especially with menu.
Entertaining computer character. The chair was great!
Lead runaway clone very intense and good voice – a serious character.

What I didn't like

These are all nitpicks, as I really did enjoy the show:

Some major information was conveyed in song (as opposed to spoken voice) and sometimes I couldn’t understand it (often more than one person sang, drowning information out). Especially when saying the clone rules.

Clones at beginning sang too soft, after that were fine.

Most clones were played as passive and child-like, but then 2 of them were assertive and grown-up. One had a reason, but one did not – confusing at end.

Also, a rule that clones are moved away from where they started seems to have been broken ALL THE TIME – at end, everyone was near someone they knew. Added to the funny ending but meant the rules had been broken.

Did not think the status change of the male reporter added to the plot. Would rather have seen a blow-out ending argument or confrontation with a rival rather than just a fizzle out. I did enjoy all the funny arguments!

My overall impression

A funny musical with a good story. Excellent mad scientist arguing with kooky brother. Funny romantic reporters. One poignant love story. Funny supporting characters. You will laugh but also have a few serious moments to add a nice “weight” to the plot.

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