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fringe management · Ages 14+ · United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland

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June 10, 2018 certified reviewer
tagged as: powerful · gender issues · women · meaningful

What I liked

Both performers were strong. The text was well-written. The idea of juxtaposing two British women from different ethnic backgrounds and different centuries was very thoughtful and interesting. Important in this #metoo movement to remember these issues are international and can end in real tragedy.

What I didn't like

I would have liked to have seen more points of overlap and connection between the women. The few moments were this did take place were among the most powerful.

I wanted to see the Muslim woman wear the burka at some point, particularly because of the elaborate opening moments were the Christian woman was placed into her wedding dress. It felt imbalanced to me. Having the British-Muslim woman arrive in Syria in her burka and then, at some point, remove it in the home of her husband would have been quite compelling. Just some thoughts. Overall, great work!!!

My overall impression

The show was great. Strong performances and interesting subject matter.

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