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BRYSON ALLMAN uncertified reviewer June 09, 2018
If you're looking for a really fantastic Fringe show to catch, I highly recommend Echoes. Catherine Lidstone is absolutely brilliant and the piece itself speaks to the roots of problems that have plagued humanity since time immemorial. If you're a feminist, a humanist, or simply have a mind thirsty for things worthy of question and reflection, this is a great show to see.... full review
ANONYMOUS uncertified reviewer June 09, 2018
tagged as: women empowerment · relevant
Smart, literate writing, with intelligent nuanced performances.... full review
JUAN BOTERO certified reviewer June 10, 2018
Brilliant performances, excellent direction. Very impressive performance, the minimalist approach to the set, props, etc. easily guides the mind into the mindset and dilemmas of these two women who although centuries apart, face the same evils packaged differently. ... full review
ANONYMOUS uncertified reviewer June 11, 2018
In a just world, this show sells out! Echoes is powerful and thought-provoking - directed with taut energy. The two parallel narratives occasionally touch with a bright spark and then a final implosion; and the two extraordinary actors brilliantly evoke their mirrored worlds. ... full review
SHARON ELLINGSEN certified reviewer June 12, 2018
Wonderful! Very well acted and an interesting concept. Extremely relevant today and most entertaining as well. I'd see it again!... full review
PHYLLIS MAYS uncertified reviewer June 11, 2018
tagged as: relevant · timley · riveting
Two monologues directed at the audience from storytellers who lived 175 years apart. The repression of women continues from 17th century England to today in Syria.... full review
ASHLEY WOODS certified reviewer June 14, 2018
Such an interesting story! Acting gold. Run don't walk to see this one. I saw the understudy who played Samira and she was so funny and heartbreaking.... full review
ANONYMOUS certified reviewer June 16, 2018
Outstanding production on the suppression of woman throughout the ages.... full review
BONNIE SLUDIKOFF certified reviewer June 11, 2018
tagged as: women · jihad · England · india · marriage · Impactful
Echoes features two star actresses with tons of stage presence, and covers several important topics, but I had a terrible time trying to follow what was happening. This show is dense with info and exposition-- it's great that we get so much plot and the story is certainly important... I don't know if it's partially the thick (albeit, lovely) accents, or the way the story is told, but I was lost a lot of the time and when I did find my bearings, I was shifted into the next woman's story. I wish more parallels had been drawn- I think other than the obvious statements about how women have been treated, there are so many opportunities for more specific parallels to be drawn throughout. I was missing the 175 year difference- I had forgotte... full review
OLIVIA SCHLUETER-COREY certified reviewer June 13, 2018
This was a deeply powerful story about the dangers of religious extremism and opportunistic patriarchal interpretations of religion. The parallels between the two women's lives, nearly 200 years apart, was a succinct exploration of how the more things change the more they stay the same. Brilliant performances by both actresses, exploring the ranges of their experiences from passionate idealism to desperation for justice. ... full review