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June 15, 2018 original article
tagged as: slasher! · Horror · interactive · grim · violent

What I liked

The cast made the most of the fight sequences and violence. There were some actual thrills to be had as the show played out some surprising twists. Structured as a “choose your own path” style adventure game, the audience has the opportunity to vote at specific plot twists to direct the actions of the characters onstage. At times, the device is fun and provides some interesting twists. Alternately, the device can suddenly end the story of a character you were actually invested in.

What I didn't like

Almost all the characters are despicable. Behaving hatefully toward each other from the opening moments of the show, you do not care to spend time with these people, with only two exceptions, perhaps. You don’t care about them for the most part, which means you don’t emotionally invest enough to care if they live or die.

I saw a preview show where the scene changes severely slowed the show down, hopefully that improves as it continues to run.

My overall impression

For horror fans, the standard slasher-movie plot is both fun and familiar. For theater fans, the interactive structure definitely pulls you into the show as it unfolds. A great experiment and was interesting to participate in.

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