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The Great Divide! - Part One

musicals and operas · new musicals inc. · Ages 12+ · world premiere · United States of America

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Four new short musicals about an Amish couple, Tony the Tiger, ghosts of dead parents, and the chicken who crossed the road – straight from New Musicals Inc.‘s famous musical theatre writers’ workshop. Written by Claire Partin, Kat Zimmerman, Deb Cohen, Jennifer Rosenfeld, Linée Ferguson, Wayne Self, Kevin Mathie, Michael Mussman, Makena Metz, and Angela Parrish.

production team

makena metz *
book and lyrics, part one, "a family portrait"
angela parrish *
music, part one, "a family portrait"
deborah cohen *
book, part one, "fears anonymous"
jennifer rosenfeld *
music, part one, "fears anonymous"
linee ferguson *
lyrics, part one, "fears anonymous"
claire partin *
book and lyrics, part one, "bundled together"
kat zimmerman *
music, part two, "bundled together"
wayne writer comp - self *
book, part one, "against the grrrain"
kevin mathie *
music, part one, "against the grrrain"; music director, part one
michael mussman *
lyrics, part one, "against the grrrain"
nichole lemay *
part one ensemble
john wallis *
part one ensemble
logan mack *
part one ensemble

* Fringe Veteran

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