Let There Be Thistles

dusty bums productions · Ages 12+ · New Zealand

one person show
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Review by SARAH MANN

June 12, 2018 certified reviewer

What I liked

Interesting theme. I thoroughly enjoyed the flea bit. Excellent commitment to the role by Joshua.

What I didn't like

I went into the show not entirely remembering the synopsis of the show, so for the first part of the play, I was slightly lost and trying to find my bearings. However, once I was able to get a grasp of the storyline, I was able to follow along and follow the character through his struggle. Had I remembered the synopsis, I may not have had this dilemma, however, it did obviously distract from my ability to enjoy the show initially.

My overall impression

Overall, Let there be Thistles was a great show. I enjoyed the concept behind the play of a God with only one remaining believer. Joshua brilliantly executed the role of a panicked God trying to make us believe in him. Some great comedic moments and well thought out beats throughout the play.

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