KnowNo’s - #fixmysHituation

ensemble theatre · rawchattruths · Ages 17+ · United States of America

family friendly world premiere
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June 15, 2018 certified reviewer

What I liked

The performances from the actors was generally good. Outstanding performances were given to Yes, No and Stop. Their characters were easy to follow, the most relatable and truethful. Yes and No seemed to have the strongest story arch’s and the strongest writing behind them, which really held the play together and highlighted the two actresses.

What I didn't like

Imersion? I was confused at times, were we part of the performance or were we just a fly on the wall. At times, from different characters, we’re were directly looked at and referenced to and at times we were compleatly ignored.
Space? The theatre there was absolutely beautiful, it’s a shame they kept the performance off the stage. Parhaps IF you are going for imersion (or even not) have the performance in a room or hall like a group therapy session.
Clarity and Simplicity. Some audio cues were jarring and I was confused about the messgage and themes at multipul times in the show. Parhaps stripping the production down to its bones would allow the message to be more clear. Also some actors diction can be improved.

My overall impression

I must congratulate the actors and creatives in the efforts for tackeling such an important and relevant issue. There is a nice concept begins this show, which was very imaginative, and the play had genuine moments of relatability mixed with lighthearted humor. Which a play like this needs.
However it seems the idea and concept was a bit over ambitious for the amount of time the play ran for. The execution of theatrical techniques was also a bit sloppy leaving audience members confused and at times alienated.

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