Skin Jobs

jim vejvoda · United States of America

world premiere
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June 01, 2018 certified reviewer
tagged as: poignant · relevant

What I liked

I thoroughly enjoyed the writing and the performances.

What I didn't like

While I enjoyed the ending quite a bit, part of me would also like to see what happens to Kerri and Viv the next day, after this incident that clearly changes how they see each other, and themselves.

My overall impression

As one of the playwright Jim Vejvoda’s colleagues in the online movie/TV press world, his new play Skin Jobs hits home on a number of levels with biting authenticity. Tackling issues ranging from whitewashing to our age of outrage to, at its absolute core, the meaning of friendship, Skin Jobs explores the metaphorical battles many in the entertainment industry are now expected to fight on a daily basis, while grappling with our own survival within that industry.

Virginia Tran and Claire Fazzolari portray Kerri and Viv, best friends since film school, who have both taken alternate paths in Hollywood, Kerri from aspiring director to visual effects artist and Viv from aspiring screenwriter to Hollywood blogger/journalist. While there is “inside baseball” aplenty, even those who don’t make their living in the entertainment industry will be able to relate to Kerri and Viv, with fantastic performances from Tran and Fazzolari to boot.

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