Easy Targets: Artists and Heroes

Immersive & Games · burglars of hamm · Ages 13+ · United States of America

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DEANNE MILLAIS uncertified reviewer June 03, 2018
This was one of my favorites from last year's fringe, and it's back with all new pieces - just as silly as ever!... full review
JIM NIEB certified reviewer June 03, 2018
tagged as: fun!! · funny · cathartic · clever idea · entertaining · joyful · See it!
That was too much fun! And surprisingly cathartic! ... full review
AI YOSHIHARA certified reviewer June 03, 2018
The show was so much fun!! The 4 performers commitment and acting were great. Audience got to play like kids and couldn’t stop laughing. I love to go to this show again. ... full review
SHANNON GERRITY uncertified reviewer June 03, 2018
This was the most fun I have had watching and being a part of theatre. If you are in LA and you are an actor (which I know is all of us), you must go see this show.... full review
JEFF LAUB uncertified reviewer June 17, 2018
Loved this show last year and was so happy to experience it again. ... full review
ISAAC DEAKYNE uncertified reviewer June 03, 2018
Easy Targets never fails to deliver! 4 actors + 4 self indulgent, ham-fisted, heavy handed, pretentious monologues + socks = one of the best nights of theatre you are going to have. You might feel a twinge of guilt at the idea of throwing socks during a performance but before the Emcee is even finished introducing the first actor you'll be perfectly at peace with it. Also, you will underestimate how many socks you need. Buy more.... full review
ANONYMOUS certified reviewer June 04, 2018
A creative way for producers to make money and for the audience to have a blast!... full review
MONIQUE LEBLEU certified reviewer June 05, 2018
...it was just nice to see this creative team roast the acting and theatre community-at-large a bit. Not only is this year's group of talented Easy Target actors brilliant at being "bad," they've well-earned a new kind of badge that perhaps only improv or stand-up vets, who've mastered both craft and hecklers, might exceed–tank-tough focus–making this piece arguably the best item on their resume.... full review
ANONYMOUS certified reviewer June 05, 2018
Utterly fantastic. The most I've laughed at a show in ages.... full review
KAT MICHELS certified reviewer June 06, 2018
#SeeItLA Actors intentionally acting badly is one of my biggest pet peeves. It drives me insane. It legit makes me angry. It's probably something I should discuss with my therapist. OR, I can just start attending all productions with pairs of rolled up socks. There is something truly cathartic about seeing a groan-worthy performer pelted with socks. To read the rest of this review please visit the See It or Skip It website - http://seeitorskipitla.tumblr.com/post/174696848667/seeitla-actors-intentionally-acting-badly-is-one... full review