Easy Targets: Artists and Heroes

Immersive & Games · burglars of hamm · Ages 13+ · United States of America

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June 05, 2018 original article

What I liked

Overall, for you as a participating audience, the experience is incredibly fun and very cathartic, especially where de-stressing might be a goal after a hard day, week–or year!

What I didn't like

Perhaps that it just wasn’t long enough and that there are probably not enough socks in this world, but I certainly threw more than my share!

My overall impression

…it was just nice to see this creative team roast the acting and theatre community-at-large a bit. Not only is this year’s group of talented Easy Target actors brilliant at being “bad,” they’ve well-earned a new kind of badge that perhaps only improv or stand-up vets, who’ve mastered both craft and hecklers, might exceed–tank-tough focus–making this piece arguably the best item on their resume.

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