Romeo and Juliet

ensemble theatre · desperate kingdom theatre company · Ages 12+ · United States of America

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Review by anonymous

June 09, 2018 certified reviewer

What I liked

The acting of all is superb. I would love to see this show get a run in another Theatre after the Fringe. There is something very sweet and light about this production, that makes for a very rare experience. Daniel Dorr’s star turn as Romeo, is not be missed. A young actor of exquisite gifts, playing this iconic role with grace and humor, yet grasping the enormous pain of his love’s loss only with his eyes, makes for this production NOT to be missed. The cast is magnificent. Connor Elding’s Juliet is sweet and slim and a breath of fresh air, finding balance between youthful giddiness and deep pain. Paul Elding is a Standout as her father. Don’t wait, run to catch one of the last 3 shows, and vote to keep it alive beyond the festival!!

What I didn't like

Works beautifully overall. The soundtrack could still be reduced in volume. It HAS already been adjusted after the preview, but could use just a slight bit more.

My overall impression

The minimalistic concept for this show work beautifully. The idea of stripping the stage and the contemporary approach, are incredibly exciting, and it feels like a full fledged theatrical experience, way beyond the 90 minute frame. I fully emerged into R and J’s world, no props, no period costumes needed.

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