The Witnessing

the unmarked door · Ages 18+ · United States of America

world premiere
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DREW PETRIELLO uncertified reviewer May 31, 2018
I should preface that I was lucky enough to attend the test performance on the 29th. If you want to feel paranoid, this show will do that. I was looking over my shoulder for a good thirty minutes after it ended, so for a horror piece I consider that a success. Horror and theatre are often difficult to mix (in my opinion), but these guys made it work.... full review
NATHANIEL BEAVER uncertified reviewer June 01, 2018
They did a great job of creating the atmosphere and ambiance of a lecture hall as the presenters shared paranormal stories and occurrences in this immersive show. A technical show that succeeded in its goals.... full review
JEFF HEIMBUCH certified reviewer June 02, 2018
A Lecture You Won’t Soon Forget... full review
MICHAEL FONTAINE certified reviewer June 09, 2018
I always say that I can judge on how good a show is by forgetting I’m at a show. Once the lecture for “The Witnessing” started, that is exactly what happened. I wasn’t at a Fringe show, I was at a Paranormal lecture with Dr. Daugherty who was debunking any and every thing that could be considered “paranormal”.... full review
RACHEL WALKER uncertified reviewer June 17, 2018
tagged as: immersive · haunt · clues
Genuinely scary, well-acted, well put together plus - Easter eggs!... full review
FANTASYS SNICKER uncertified reviewer June 01, 2023
An immersive paranormal horror piece with unsettling effectiveness.... full review
NINA CLARK uncertified reviewer March 21, 2023
tagged as: thrilling · dramatic · creepy · Horror · spooky · the show · the witnessing · Game
The plot of the show is really attractive. Unexplained phone calls make me curious and frightening. The end of shocking paranormal case is understandable. <a href="">cubes 2048</a> is an interesting game attracts a lot of players from all over the world.... full review
ANONYMOUS certified reviewer June 01, 2018
I thought this was a fun show! ... full review
RUSSELL EATON certified reviewer June 15, 2018
Nicely creepy and moody! Using a lecture as a framing device, the fun comes from realizing that this show really just wants to tell you a good ghost story. You get creepiness, humor, ghosts, mystery and more. The only thing missing from this show is a campfire and s’mores! ... full review
ANONYMOUS certified reviewer June 19, 2018
Unfortunately, this didn't come together for me. I might have gone on an "off" night, but the show that I got was just trudging through the motions.... full review