Beautiful Monsterz

Drama · svi cine+media · Ages 12+ · United States of America

world premiere
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Review by SARA JANE

February 01, 2023
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What I liked

Dordle is a popular spinoff of the popular Wordle game. In contrast to the original game, you must guess two words at the same time. When you play the game, your words are entered into two fields on a double field at the same time. As is customary, you have six chances to figure out which two words were hidden in the game.
What is dordle ?
Dordle adds an intriguing new twist to Wordle by doubling the number of grids to provide players with a double challenge. Dordle is Double Wordle, according to its tagline, an exact replica of Wordle with dual grids that gives you a total of 7 chances to decipher two mystery words.
The goal is to find the hidden words in each grid using only one set of guesses. For each guess, word entries are entered into both grids at the same time. Dordle outperforms Wordle in terms of difficulty level for word game enthusiasts looking for a little more from their word games.

What I didn't like

How to play the Dordle game ?
You must guess two five-letter words simultaneously, but you can only enter one word guess at a time.
Green: word letter and correct location
Yellow: letter in the word but in the wrong place
Gray: a letter that does not appear in the word
Prepare yourself with Dordle, a unique Wordle interpretation that includes fun puzzles and user-friendly upgrades! To win, the player must guess the new word correctly and then select the best answer. Players are only allowed seven incorrect guesses per round, so solve the puzzle as quickly as possible.
Do you really believe you can learn Dordle’s language? Accept the challenge!

My overall impression

How To Play The Dordle Game?

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