Gun and a Motel Bible

One More Chance · safety patrol theatre · Ages 16+ · United States of America

world premiere
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June 12, 2018 certified reviewer

What I liked

As both characters explore the nature of religion, God, and morality throughout the show’s 50-minute runtime, the audience is constantly drawn into their intellectual, insightful, and often very witty back-and-forth. The show doesn’t take sides, which is a great thing, as the audience is forced to wrestle with deep questions rather than be hit over the head by simple answers, making this a challenging piece of theater in all the best ways. The director does a great job staging the piece and keeps the energy alive and flowing from the first minute to the last. Both actors show a great range of emotion and are easily able to suck the audience into their characters, situation, and discussion points. And lastly, the overall concept (involving a talking Bible having a philosophical conversation with a criminal) is creative, unique, and very smartly presented. Go see it!

What I didn't like

This is just a minor quibble, but the last sound effect played in the final moment of the show was just a bit too soft. If it were played louder, it might have a stronger impact on the audience.

My overall impression

GUN AND A MOTEL BIBLE is an incredibly well put-together show. The idea is creative, the writing is intelligent and sharp, the acting is alive and emotional, and the directing is top notch. I loved it!

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