Gun and a Motel Bible

One More Chance · safety patrol theatre · Ages 16+ · United States of America

world premiere
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June 05, 2018 certified reviewer

What I liked

Gun and a Motel Bible shows us the story of a man set on revenge by taking the life of another man. The second character, a motel Bible, tries to talk him out of committing the act.

The majority of shows that I’ve seen that try to tackle religion or religious themes tend to be heavy-handed towards one side or the other. The script of Gun and a Motel Bible is extremely well-balanced and gives fair voice to both Christians and Atheists alike. I myself am a Christian, and I sat next to my Atheist friend during the show. Both of us very much enjoyed the play and felt like our viewpoints were well-voiced and treated fairly.

This is the type of show that causes audiences to think and allows audience members of opposing viewpoints to have safe conversation about religion afterward. Gun and a Motel Bible is extremely well-paced and finds ways to perfectly blend humorous, sad, angry, and frightened beats into the show so that each moment feels fresh. This is a show you’ll want to see more than once to take everything in. I saw it two days ago, and I’m still processing and unwrapping the juicy layers that Floren and Gosnell wrote and beautifully acted.

What I didn't like

Only improvements would be theater-related. Obviously, with fringe, you’re looking at smaller theaters, but I think this show could benefit from a larger performance space. Hope to see it there soon!

My overall impression


Wow! This is one of the best One Act plays I’ve seen in a long time. The script challenges audiences to think, the dialogue is clear and transitions smoothly. Combine that with being well-acted, high-energy, grounded performances by both Gosnell and Floren, and you have an absolute hit.

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