Marilyn Monroe: The Last Interview

One More Chance · paris productions · Ages 18+ · United States of America

includes nudity one person show world premiere
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June 18, 2018 certified reviewer

What I liked

(spolier alert for anyone who hasn’t seen it yet!, sorry…):
I especially liked the different musical numbers that Marilyn is famous for, & right down to the fabulous choreography, that when Marilyn did it, was sexy, and somehow also light-hearted as well! Kelly Mullis captures this exact same quality, like Marilyn, & the audience loves it!! What’s terrific about the writing is you get to learn how Marilyn felt about her co-stars in these movie musicals she was in, & it’s hilarious!

What I didn't like

Nothing to be improved! Just, I wish there was more time to further explore Marilyn into a 2 Act show, but know that since it’s a Fringe show, this won’t occur in this avenue, or during this theatre festival. Perhaps this show can be extended or brought back in another incarnation that expands this play into a
fully-fledged play, that can show even more facets of Marilyn’s life!! This would be an amazing thing to see!

My overall impression

Kelly Mullis is effervescent as Marilyn Monroe!!, & also then brings the story behind her sorrow, & the meaning of her life into the light, so the audience can understand what really made her tick… Kelly captures all of the nuances of Marilyn: her voice, her movements, the way she sang to a “T”! (LOVED that especially!), but it goes even deeper than this..
We get a chance to glimpse into the tragedy of what happened to Marilyn, & possibly why.. this is the meat of what I really liked about the show, & her performance: how it began, & then where it went to by the end! It’s heart-breaking to know what she endured in her life vs. how everyone saw her as an icon. You truly FEEL empathy for her & her life! This was a Lovely exploration of Marilyn’s soul!!
So, all in all, I would come back a 3rd time! (since I’ve seen this 2x already, & each time it has only gotten better & better!!) So.. pray for an extension if you have missed this one, so you can SEE it!!!

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