Marilyn Monroe: The Last Interview

One More Chance · paris productions · Ages 18+ · United States of America

includes nudity one person show world premiere
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June 15, 2018
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What I liked

So much.

The set is well designed, very detailed and laid out nicely, making it visually interesting and giving the impression that we really are in Marilyn’s living room where the interview is taking place. Mullis interacts with furniture and props in a very natural, realistic way as though it’s her own home.

The show incorporates projected images of the real Marilyn and the people she knew, which adds to the audience’s understanding and familiarity with who was involved and what was happening at various times in her life. There are also audio clips of the people in her life, pre-recorded by actors recreating some famous and not so famous figures who had an influence on Marilyn. The well-done audio clips fit seamlessly into the show and are used perfectly at appropriate times. The images are a reminder of all the famous people in her circle, but the most striking thing about the photos is how much Mullis looks like Marilyn! Adding to the illusion is Mullis’ vocal quality and physical behavior which is spot-on exactly like Marilyn, whether in “I’m a Star” mode or “I’m just a regular person” mode. Physically and vocally, she is perfect for the role and seems as though she was born to play it.

Mullis’ versatile vocal quality is also demonstrated at various points throughout the show when she takes on the personas of several people Marilyn interacted with. Each vocal “character” is presented in a unique and authentic way, so that you always know who she is supposed to be. As if that wasn’t enough, the show also incorporates five musical numbers, sung a capella by Mullis, featuring some of Marilyn’s most famous renditions. Mullis’ melodic voice shines in these moments, as she also turns on her Marilyn “I’m a Star” physical movements. This results in the songs being showstoppers, just as they were with the real Marilyn.

And then comes the acting, which is stellar. It’s a passionate, emotional roller-coaster ride and Mullis is fully committed to all of it. She makes the audience laugh, cry, gasp, shake our heads, get excited, care for Marilyn, think she’s a jerk at times, get mad at the people who hurt her, wish the best for her and then, finally, feel incredible empathy for her when it comes to her sad, unnecessarily tragic end. But she also reminds us that we’ll never forget Marilyn. A stunning performance.

What I didn't like

It think it’s pretty obvious that I loved the show. What could be improved … a longer run maybe?

My overall impression

Kelly Mullis brings Marilyn Monroe to life in an amazing performance that is all at once moving, informative and funny. From her first moment on stage, Mullis grabs the audience’s attention with Marilyn’s dry wit and humor. After that, it’s an incredible ride through Marilyn’s life showcasing her relationships, struggles, hopes and fears that never lags and is always engaging. Mullis embodies Marilyn physically, vocally and emotionally so completely that you feel as though you’re watching the real Marilyn. What’s even better is that Mullis presents not just the glamorous “showbiz” side of Marilyn that most are familiar with, but also the everyday, insecure person she was on the inside. Mullis deserves every bit of the standing ovation she got at the end of the performance. This is one of the best shows I have seen at Fringe, both this and in previous years.

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