Cat Cam Catharsis

comedy · all of her productions · Ages 13+ · United States of America

family friendly world premiere

During an upscale dinner party, hosted by SHAVONNE (a name-dropping PR rep and socialite) in order to show her newly edited wedding video from recent marriage to THAX (a relaxed-easy going millionaire) NAN (the depressed, unstable ex-girlfriend of their elusive friend DORIAN (A buoyant, animated artist) shows up looking to confront him about their mysterious breakup.

In efforts to get her closure RUSS (a colorful philosopher) and FAITH (a high-strung attorney) battle out their theories about love and logic using Shavonne’s video as evidence for their arguments.

A captive audience, fellow dinner guests, BILLIE ( Shavonne’s beautiful, posh, Belarusian best-friend) and COLIN (Faith’s aloof and sarcastic attorney boyfriend) are brought in as witnesses to reveal the truth about the evening. In the process of discovering the events leading up to Nan and Dorian’s breakup, personal and embarrassing details of all the dinner guests are revealed courtesy of camera mounted attached to the family cat.

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