Pizza and Whine

comedy · cappricielli productions · Ages 13+ · United States of America

family friendly world premiere

On the eve of their Grandmother’s wake, four cousins reignite their love for music and each other through a “sleepover” necessitated by their Grandfather’s request to sing at the funeral. Over one night, at Millie’s west side apartment above the .99 cent Pizza Parlor and Discounted Wine Shop, the four girls share life-changing secrets and struggles that challenge their effort to become autonomous and kind women in a world while challenging every virtue and tradition that is the foundation to their upbringing. They are reminded of where they came from while discovering hope for their future.

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Production Team

mel newman *

stage manager and costume design

jo anna kelly *

stage manager and sponsorship sales

jennifer aurelia *

sound design and music

chris kenyon *

graphic artist (projection stills)

brynn tiano *

marketing intern

seeret singh *

marketing intern

marisol diaz *

production coordinator

amy londyn *

graphic artist (original artwork)

* Fringe Veteran