Hide Your Fires: Butoh Lady Macbeth

dance & physical theatre · ren gyo soh · Ages 16+ · Japan

one person show
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June 17, 2019
tagged as: genius · unparalleled · dance · terror

What I liked

Yokko’s physical control is unparalleled. She was essentially a statue for over ten minutes of preshow, and when she moved, it was only when she wanted to. I can’t even hold my arm out straight for ten seconds without some kind of tremor, it was insane. The way she embodied the different emotions was so effective too— from sexuality to despair— but the big monologue where Lady M calls down the spirits was NUTS— it looked like spirits were legitimately possessing her body and moving it in impossible ways. So very very cool. There was also fantastic lighting and the sound design was creepy AF, really transported me.

What I didn't like

I wish all the speech had been in the sound design so we could only have had movement, but that’s asking a lot since then she’d have no breaks. Obviously didn’t make the show any less amazing, I can just imagine it being even stronger that way.

My overall impression

Absolute genius. You’ll never see a more compelling or disturbing Lady M. Everyone else can just go home, because Yokko pretty much nailed it. Amazing, engrossing, unsettling… everything you’ve wanted this character to be, embodied.

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