Baba, Jee (Father, Yes)

moj productions · Ages 17+ · United States of America

world premiere
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June 06, 2018 certified reviewer

What I liked

Really enjoyed the acting and pace of the show. Literally wasn’t sure if it was over (even though the ending felt like “the end”) because it didn’t feel like an hour had passed yet.

What I didn't like

Was a little confusing the way the staging was set up but I chalk that up to me not being a super frequent theater-goer. The space behind the fridge being a bit of a catch-all was an interesting choice, whereas I think it woulda made more sense to utilize the second door more as a place where things might have been.

Also, I was confused as to why David didn’t stand up immediately when Baba entered, only to realize later that technically he was in the “bedroom” when he arrived. But this is all pretty nit-picky.

My overall impression

Got to see the preview night and the performance of Baba, Jee was wonderful. Each actor really had moments to shine and I was happy there was a scene where each character was paired with the other and we got to see how much they adapted depending on who they were speaking to.

The script is really fantastic and personal and as someone who experienced Sandy firsthand, it was a true to life representation of how that felt.

We can’t choose our family and this script spoke to how as much as it is an individual choice whether we reach out to kin, we are connected in a deeper sense whether we like it or not. Bravo to everyone involved especially to Ayesha for writing and starring in it.

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