Ya Mama!

solo performance · independent · Ages 15+ · United States of America

one person show

“Ya Mama!” is the autobiographical story of a young Afro-Creole girl losing a mother, gaining a stepmother and becoming a mother—all while being an artist. Set in the lower ninth ward of New Orleans, we journey from the school yard to the delivery room, from the edge of sanity to pure joy, from devastation to hope.

Andrew Rothkin of nytheatre.com described the show this way, “YA MAMA! is a richly woven tapestry of love, loss, strength and spirituality, beautifully written and exquisitely performed by the phenomenally gifted Nina Domingue, who jumps from the comedic to the dramatic to the poetic in an eye-blink as she inhabits a seemingly endless parade of sometimes mean, sometimes loving, sometimes wacky characters—or rather, real people from her life, past and present…Domingue, an eloquent artist of more colors than Crayola, and who has the refined skill of someone twice her age at least, does not merely unveil the darkest times of her life, but enlightens as well, telling a moving tale that pulled me in. Her story, chiefly surrounding issues of motherhood—her mother’s suicide as a very young child, her love/hate relationship with her father’s second wife, the full-of-life aunts who eventually took her (and her sister) in, and finally, the joys and challenges of being a mother herself—are fascinating and tender and funny, and one with which I could—somehow—relate. While my upbringing was different from her upbringing and while I will never be a mother, so much was universal…”

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