Old Frenemies

red squirrels united · Ages 12+ · United States of America

includes nudity world premiere
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Review by RAV K

June 13, 2018 certified reviewer

What I liked

The cast were great. Stand out members have to be Nick Hardcastle as Duncan, who plays a very convincing British wildlife documentarian. Great to hear an Aussie-now-living-in-LA hold such an flawless accent. He is a brilliant, strong lead for the show. Craig Robert Young was perfectly cast as Gethin, who again did a wonderful Welsh accent, which wasn’t surprising giving he is from the UK. Craig showed the utmost professionalism during the show where he helped out a fellow cast member in a time where they (appeared) to lose their way with the script.

Lisa Gorgin burst onto the stage as her character, Lesley. Lisa owned the character and the stage throughout and I fell in love with her energy. Speaking of energy, Richard Rennie has plenty of just that with his characters as the Squirrel and Martin. His dances in the squirrel costume to break up the scene changes were a very funny addition and had the crowd in stitches. As Martin, he did what many would never do: strut around on stage in their jocks. Bravo.

Wendy Bain has written a wonderful script and added in some great comedy. Casting herself as Charlotte, you could feel the direction Wendy wanted to take this play. I imagined Charlotte being a TV soapy has-been who must enjoy plenty of wine and the finer things in life, and therefore, not loving where her Husband Duncan’s work had taken them. It made for wonderful night of comedy theatre.

Congratulations to Justin Anthony Long, Sam Bain, Spencer Saccoman and the cast for putting together such a wonderful show.

What I didn't like

The one-liners could have been divided up between the cast members a little more. There are certain characters who have chunks of the comedy written into their scripts. The characters of Lesley and Gethin missed the most of that humour and I was left wanting more sass between them.

A stronger reaction and dialogue for the scene where the plot twist is revealed would have made this play. More verbal tug of war between Charlotte and Martin would have been hilarious.

If this play had the chance to run longer and had a few slight tweaks in regards to scripting and directing, it would make for a wonderful show to tour internationally if it were to get the chance.

My overall impression

A fun show with a great story line. Lovely romantic twists with some wonderful one-liners.

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