Happy Hour

comedy · happy hour the play · Ages 13+ · United States of America

What are the limits of casual conversation with strangers? How long do we have to keep talking to remain polite? Why does it seem so unnatural to engage with people these days? And why exactly are some people just keener to make friends? Such are the questions we set out to explore when writing and producing this play.

In the midst of a weekend happy hour, we find a collection of five people with different levels of status and familiarity to one another. Over the course of approximately an hour, and a number of drinks, that dynamic is broken down and reset.

We wrote this play in the lead up to our own wedding and drew inspiration from the unique tensions that arise during that stretch of life. It’s a source of comedy in a lot of ways, how preparing for wedded bliss can be such a source of anxiety and occasional misery.

The final piece of Happy Hour’s thematic trifecta is embodied in the character of Larkspur: optimism in the face of seemingly ceaseless despair. It can be both confounding and utterly magnificent to behold, and it also might just be the secret to a long and fulfilled life.

-Tracey & Zach

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Production Team

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