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ensemble theatre · liv productions · Ages 16+ · world premiere · South Africa

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June 04, 2018 certified reviewer

What I liked

The performances and whole surreal/super real experience of the work.

What I didn't like

HOnestly? The number of people in the audience. Should be much, much higher.

My overall impression

Look at the poster image for this play, Still and you get a real sense of how this story as we experience it feels. Not the stillness of waiting, nor the stillness of rest. No, this three-person drama makes us feel the stillness between moments—between life changing words and decision, between realizations. Even between the question asked and the answer given. On top of that we have the subject matter—sexual assault, which still remains a matter to avoid rather than confront, to seek excuses rather than understand truth. In this case, the entire work seems to take place in all the still moments described above, a refuge from the “still” also inferred above. A fragile or at least delicate in some ways young woman, her best and maybe only friend who took her to a party, and the girlfriend of the boy who died—they wander in these moments, sometimes apart, sometimes alone, sometimes with each other. The impact is powerful and haunting. Theatre, a teacher once told me, is inherently revolutionary. If you leave the exact same person who sat down that performance is a failure. This is no failure. Quite the opposite!

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