Doctor Zomba's Ghost Show of Terror

abacab productions · Ages 9+ · United States of America

family friendly world premiere
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June 10, 2018 certified reviewer

What I liked

The “finale” used Halloween store ghosts in glow paint and had a cool look. Wish this visual was worked into the show itself rather than just five minutes of glowing props.

Some of the groaner dad jokes hit, but unfortunately too many wore out the welcome.

What I didn't like

The writing, the magic, the acting, the dancing.

My overall impression

Pretty terrible. I’m a huge fan of magic, camp, and spook shows. This comes across as someone who heard about Spook shows and tried to throw one together in a week. There are about 3 magic tricks and only one actually ties in to the theme. The tricks are handled very poorly. There is a “plot” which doesn’t work as none of these performers seem incredibly skilled at acting and the father character looks no older than his daughter.
All do have prior experience so maybe this priloduction just doesnt display their skills fully.

People did leave in the middle of the show, but since it was only 40 minutes, we stuck in through the bitter end; hoping a turn would show the show’s clumsyness would be revealed to be intentional. Nope.

The show does use an audience participant, but do not worry. They don’t actually perform a magic trick or any effect with this person.

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