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Mommy with a Penis

theatre · fostershep productions · Ages 14+ · one person show · United States

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Hutchins Foster’s comedic sixty minute show is about a gay man’s harrowing journey into motherhood. Based on his award winning blog of the same name, Mommy with a Penis delves into marriage, adoption, interracial kids, and the dreaded potty time.

“I’m an actor by trade, a writer by necessity, and an epileptic by concussion. I met the love of my life in a seedy gay bar in Brooklyn over thirteen years ago. We’ve been married twice. First, spiritually, and then legally, because the state of California gave us a four month window of opportunity. Michael and I adopted two children and I put my classical theatre training to good use by cooking firm food for my family and unclogging toilets. Resisting at first, but now with a sense of pride, I am mommy with a penis.”

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