Caspar Thomas: More Magic & Mentalism

cabaret & variety · caspar thomas · Ages 12+ · United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland

one person show
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June 09, 2018 certified reviewer
tagged as: magic

What I liked

Card tricks, coin tricks, a little mentalism and the Chinese rings. If you haven’t seen many magic shows this is a perfect place to start, and if you have, this is a chance to see some classic tricks performed by a skilled magician.

Thomas’s patter is humorous but low-key, and was very much to my taste. He performs with no set to speak of, a couple of chairs, a table, and his cards and coins. No glitz or glamour, and the result is the tricks stand out the more in their simple glory.

What I didn't like

The opening trick is deliberately not a trick at all – but I’m not sure it was clear enough that was on purpose. [Really, I have no criticism, but the format requires some comment here.]

My overall impression

A really fine display of close-up magic. Caspar Thomas is genial, and it is very nice to see these tricks performed in such a small and low key setting.

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